Monday, January 30, 2017

Hello to my fellow OSAATers

Since Nathan was so sweet in talking about me in his most recent podcast, and in linking to my blog, I wanted to post a special hello and welcome to anyone who finds my blog thanks to his podcast.

For those of you who are not quite sure what I am talking about, a few months ago I discovered the delightful world of sockmatician on YouTube while looking for some hints on brioche knitting. He had a tutorial video that I watched, and I loved his accent and his style of speaking.  In looking at his channel, I discovered that he was a podcaster, so I started watching. I quite quickly became enamoured with him, and watched all of his podcasts, his reviews, and some of his tutorials.  I was actually quite sad when I finally caught up, because now I have to wait for the new episodes to come out. Or I have to rematch the old ones, which I may actually do.

I have enjoyed him so much (hmmm...that sounds filthier than I had intended, but I am going to leave it) that I have added an "All Things sockmatician!" gadget to my blog layout. It is over there, under the Helpful /Favourite Links ----->

If you have not yet discovered him, I urge you to take a few minutes and check out one of his podcasts. I recently dyed some yarn for him, and he talks about me in his most recent episode (he also uses my yarn as the screen shot for the episode... I may have geeked out a bit at that), so of course I would recommend starting with that one, out of pure vanity, but you could just jump in and start at Episode 1.

Here is a picture of the yarns that I dyed especially for him and sent across the pond. I was delighted to see how happy he was with them.  I could not decide if I wanted to do a self-striping, a speckled, or a variegated yarn for him, so I did all three.

Labour of Love, Cake Sprinkles, and Rainbow Bright
I have had people say very nice things about these skeins, and have received some very nice compliments, as well as a few questions of "where can I buy your yarn" since the episode went live.  I am not yet at the point where I am ready to open any kind of Etsy store, but as some of my existing readers may remember, I had been pondering this for a while now.  I had hoped to build up enough stock to possible open a store in the first month or two of the year, but have unfortunately been dealing with some health issues that have slowed me down a bit.

That being said, if anyone absolutely MUST have some of my yarn, you can always message me on Ravelry (I am MissReena) and we can see if we can work something out. I make no promises, as my health is currently making more of my decisions for me than I would like, but it never hurts to ask :)

And now I sign off by quoted my favourite bearded knitter... "Just remember, life is a work in progress. Just take it one stitch at a time"


  1. I was blown away when Nathan explained the Yarn dyed using the I-cord technique. You are a true artist.

    1. Thank you so much. Although I can't take the credit for the technique. That was a fellow Ravelry friend who told me about that. I mention her on the How-To post on here.
      He was right in that it allows me to do a much longer section of yarn with a much shorter section of i-cord. I think when I measured it was something like 17 feet of yarn in one foot of i-cord! Before I learned that, I was wrapping 60 foot skeins by placing two chairs 30 feet apart and doing a LOT of walking as I wrapped the yarn around them. I couldn't do any longer because my basement was only so long ;)

  2. I just saw these three skeins on the Sockmaticians podcast. MY GOODNESS ! They are stunning! and I want them all! so Please start selling your hand-dyed yarns.

  3. Went through every page of your blog, just so beautiful. You are so talented and your colours are just amazing.Love the vibrancy you achieve with your work !! Awesome, and so utterly talented you are miss pants!! ;)