Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Monday!

Okay, I am not much of a morning person, and Mondays seem like a cruel joke to me most days, but I stared off my day with a very sweet message on Ravelry from a new dyer who thanked me for my blog, so that kind of made my day.  :)

This is a very quick update. I am hoping to be able to get my Self Striping Part 2 done either later today or tomorrow for sure. Was a busy weekend for me and I didn't get a chance to write, but I did manage to sneak in dyeing one skein.

For those of you with the RSS feeds, I don't think you get notification when I update my previous posts (I could be wrong... I don't know much about RSS feeds, to be honest), so I wanted to let you know that I have updated the How To - Handprinted Yarns posts with images finally (yay!).

I dyed the yarn yesterday (Easter Sunday) so I could be sure to have pictures all from the same skein of yarn. I LOVE the results, and am now a fan of reskeining my hand painted yarns. Normally I just wind them into a centre pull cake right away, but I think I might reskein them from now on first, just to see how pretty they are.

Easter Rainbow
Base = Bare Hawthorne from Knit Picks
Dye =  Wilton Color Right
I have discovered that this particular base yarn (Bare Hawthorn from Knit Picks) seems to really carry the colour when you apply it. I think it might have something to do with the twist of the yarn, but that is purely a guess. I do noticed though, that when the dye is applied, it will wick like a bugger! I got a couple of sections that were MUCH longer than I expected because the dye just zoomed along the yarn when I was not looking.   Oh well, it sill resulted in a super cute yarn!

Oh! And I also did my first mosaic sock this weekend! Got the gauge a little wrong so it is a bit tight, but I am super impressed anyway!
My first mosaic sock! Both yarns dyed by me
I hope you all have a great start to your week, and I will post again soon!


  1. Great job for your first mosaic sock! :)

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to making a pair that fits me after this :p